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Successful logistics
Trimodal logistics

Inland ports are no longer only responsible for storing and transhipping of classic bulk cargo but are, rather, modern freight centres which specialise in providing complete logistics concepts and services, so as to best meet the demands of shippers. Three modes of transport – road, rail and waterway – are linked at one interface and can be combined for the transport of freight as needed.  Road and rail transport services and the extension of services to container, ro-ro and heavylift consignments complement the infrastructural amenities of modern inland ports. Often this is done through cooperation or merger with various transport and logistics service providers. Modern inland ports offer commercial sites for businesses and industry and thus evolve into standalone centres of trade and industry and into employers, providing excellent infrastructure. Export-oriented companies in particular take advantage of these optimal conditions to set up operations in inland ports.  Modern inland ports perform a variety of functions.
  • Linking the transport modes waterway, rail and road.
  • Centres of logistics excellence for handling and freight transportation.
  • Regional employment providers and economic engines.