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Successful logistics
Tailor-made services

Road and rail transport services

The ports focus on supplying and serving the needs of shippers. This allows for flexible and customer-oriented solutions. Partnership with service providers from transport and logistics

The success of the ports stems primarily from proven partnerships and cooperation. The synergies created in this way in turn create win-win situations for the ports and their customers.  Consolidation of industrial building areas/industrial estates

The basis for the success of an export venture is perfect infrastructure. Comprehensive services must be available on site. Renting properties, commercial areas

The ports provide optimal conditions for the resettlement of enterprises. With the rental of commercial space near the port, any company can use the infrastructure of the location to its advantage. 
Direct connection to markets

The members of the interest group are not only at the pulse of the economy but also at that of crucial transport arteries at the heart of Europe.  The best infrastructure for setting up new enterprises

Choosing the right location is a decisive factor for the success of a company. The infrastructure available and connections to the international transport network are particularly important.