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Growing together
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Strategy for the Danube region

In the course of preparing a European strategy for the Danube region, Austria has been very proactive on important issues. Specifically, Austria has spoken out in favour of inland shipping on the Danube, and has emphatically advocated more support for this mode of transport. 
  • Ecologically sustainable improvement of waterway infrastructure
  • Expansion and linking of the Danube ports
  • Modernisation of the Danube fleet
  • Education and training
  • Implementation of harmonised inland waterway shipping information services on the Danube
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HINT - Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport

Capitalization of NELI outputs and experience, cooperation and synergies with institutions and projects made a follow up project if not imperative at least a demanding necessity and hence the birth of HINT which will foster and enlarge transnational partnerships among stakeholders in inland navigation education & training, administrative and transport sectors in the South East Region and endeavour.

Project Information - HINT

TRIUMPH - Trimodal transshipment centre port

the aim of the TRIUMPH project is to develop a self-learning system that estimates arrival times of container vessels and trucks, determines deviations and cross-links all participants in the intermodal transport chain. Therefore, an optimization of subsequent transshipment and storage processes as well as a coordinated planning of transport processes for empty containers can be realized. operations at the port can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

Project Information - TRIUMPH

DAHAR - Danube Inland Harbour Development

The DaHar partnership represents small and medium sized Danube cities with ports and cities of international importance. The economic development and participation in the economic circulation of these cities
could be enhanced through the optimal utilisation of port development in the frame of enhancing waterway cargo transport on the Danube in a transnational context. To this end, DaHar partners wish to utilise the logistical and multi-modal development capacities of their ports and port areas, develop their ports in a harmonised manner. This way, small and medium sized cities and ports will find their position in the development of waterway cargo transport, which results in the specification and diversification of their logistical and multi-modal functions in a logistical network of Danube cities and ports.

Project Information - DAHAR